When I connect to my webmail account, I get an SSL certificate warning message? What does this mean.?


 There are three ways to connect to webmail. 


1.       You can go straight to https://cp1.pabodie.net:2096/ which is a secure site you can login to.

2.     You can connect by going to our website at www.pabodie.com and clicking on our Webmail Button.

3.       Clients can also connect to webmail by going to www.yourdomainhere.com/webmail.  Because our  server requires you to use an SSL session when checking your webmail,  you are seeing this message because your current hosting account does not have an SSL certificate.  When typing in the address you are being automatically redirected to https://cp1.pabodie.net:2096/  which does have a valid SSL certificate.  Because you originally typed in your domain name and were redirected to a different domain name, your browser is showing you the error because of the mismatch of names.  You can either add an exception for this to get rid of the message, or you can go directly to https://cp1.pabodie.net:2096/ link instead which will not throw the error message.







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