How do I control my Junk e-mail in Outlook?

1. Open up Outlook.

2. Click on Tools and select Options.

3. Click on the Junk-email button.

4. The first Options tab is where you control your junk filtering.

You may select one of the following options:

  • No Automatic Filtering turns off the junk e-mail filter.
  • Low Filtering Option will only filter junk e-mail if it scores a high spam confidence leve (SCL) rating.
  • High filtering Option will only filter junk e-mail if t scores a medium SCL rating.  The lower the rating, the less likely the e-mail is spam.
  • Safe Lists Only Option will turn off the junk e-mail filter and will only allow e-mail to be delivered to your inbox if the sender or the recipient is listed on the "Safe Senders" and "Safe Recipients" lists.  You may choose this option if you have the opinion "If I don't know the sender of the e-mail, it's spam".  This may be ok for personal e-mail but not a recommendation for businesses attracting new customers.
  • The last option allows you to Permanently Delete Junk E-mail.  If you have been using the junk e-mail filter for some time, you notice that the filter has never filtered on of your legit e-mails inot the Junk E-mail folder, you may consider simply deleting the filtered spam e-mail rather than keeping a copy for your review.


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